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NeoStrata® Anti-Aging Eye Cream Fruit Stem Cells


Approved Claims:

Helps delay the visible signs of aging

Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles up to 66%

Firms skin while hydrating

Reduces the appearance of puffiness

Restores healthy, younger-looking skin

Peptides such as MatrixylTM3000 diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles DERMICANTM, a tetrapeptide that yields exceptional firming and plumping benefits Retinol reduces wrinkles, and skin crepiness

QuintescineTM IS, a peptide with strong antioxidant properties that protects against environmental aggressions

CytobiolTM Lumin-Eye, a unique combination of ash tree bark, organic silicone and vitamin B3, that Reduces the appearance of puffiness

PhytoCellTecTM, the first fruit stem cell active ingredient on the market that restores the nourishing environment skin stem cells require to thrive

Protect and maintain the functionality of skin stem cells

Contain nutrients that preserve the longevity of skin stem cells

Rejuvenate overall skin appearance and quality


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