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What is the Dermatology
Review Panel?

Many consumers are confused by claims made regarding consumer products, especially skin care products. The Dermatology Review Panel™, a division of DRP Dermatology Inc. ("DRP") has been formed to provide an independent dermatologists' review of non-prescription skin care products ...



  What is the DRP
         Introduction by Dr. R. Thomas

PRODUCT ELIGIBILITY The Dermatology Review Panel has successfully undergone an ethics review of our process.

This review was conducted by the Institutional Review Board Services (IRBS) was founded in 1993 in response to a perceived need for a mechanism to expedite Ethics Reviews of proposed clinical research in Canada and other countries. Quick turnaround times and reviews that can withstand the scrutiny of regulatory bodies are the core of the company's mission. As a result, this company has developed a reputation for reviews that are thorough, fair, precise and timely.

Institutional Review Board Services is a stand-alone entity not founded by or related to any SMO, CRO, investigator or manufacturer. Committee members are compensated on a consulting basis, irrespective of an affirmative or negative opinion about any research proposal. None of the voting members holds any other financial or other vested interest in the company whatsoever for reviews, not approvals - there is no guarantee that any research proposal will be approved if found not to meet standards. Furthermore, as Institutional Review Board Services (IRBS) is an independent company that does no contract research, or conduct clinical research, nor is an offshoot of any company or entity that does, it has no financial interest in research projects it is asked to review - all reviews are strictly at arms length.