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What is the Dermatology
Review Panel?

Many consumers are confused by claims made regarding consumer products, especially skin care products. The Dermatology Review Panel™, a division of DRP Dermatology Inc. ("DRP") has been formed to provide an independent dermatologists' review of non-prescription skin care products ...



  What is the DRP
         Introduction by Dr. R. Thomas

Is DRP a government agency?
- No, we are an independent group of dermatologists that have been brought together to review products to identify if they have scientific data to support the claims made about over-the-counter products. This review does not replace any other review / approval provided by other associations, agencies or government departments.

Who is the Dermatology Review Panel?
- The Dermatology Review Panel ("DRP") is incorporated as DRP Dermatology Inc., a British Columbia company which is headed by dermatologists. The panel itself is a group of dermatologists from across Canada.

Can more than one product in the same category have the seal?
- Yes, the review by DRP is not exclusive to any product. If a product meets our standards, it has the opportunity to receive the seal.

Will I find out which products are not approved?
- No, as there is confidentiality agreement in place that prevents us from disclosing products that do not receive the seal. In some cases the manufacturer may resubmit with additional data and therefore be approved later.

Can I talk to a dermatologist on your Review Panel?
- In order for the reviewers to remain at arms-length, we do not disclose to the public or to manufacturers submitting a product review who the reviewers are. They are dermatologists selected from across Canada, male and female, with a high-level of clinical experience in dermatology. If you have any questions regarding a product, you should discuss it with your own medical professional.

Does the presence of the DRP Seal mean the product is safe?
- Products are regulated for safety by Health Canada. Our review indicates that the product is one DRP recommends.