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What is the Dermatology
Review Panel?

Many consumers are confused by claims made regarding consumer products, especially skin care products. The Dermatology Review Panel™, a division of DRP Dermatology Inc. ("DRP") has been formed to provide an independent dermatologists' review of non-prescription skin care products ...



What are the definitions of the different types of submissions?
  • Stand-Alone Product = You are submitting only one product. There are no other products being submitted at the same time that have the same brand.
If you are submitting "multiple products" from the same product line, the following definitions apply:
  • Flagship Product = The main product in the line (has the most evidence of efficacy).
  • Product Line = More than one product and they have the same brand and product line name, are interchangeable (i.e. lotion or cream with the same spf) and have the same key ingredient and approved use as the Flagship Product.
  • Multiple Products / Same Line = More than one product and they have the same brand and product line name, are NOT interchangeable (i.e. shampoo or conditioner / cleanser or moisturizer). A separate Product Submission Form, supporting data and fee is required for each product. The fees for additional products being submitted in this review will be discounted in accordance with terms of the Agreement.
  • KEY PRODUCT CLAIMS TO BE REVIEWED = Only those claims supported by adequate, scientific evidence will be evaluated.

Will all of our product claims be reviewed and approved?
The Dermatology Review Panel reviews only those claims supported by adequate scientific evidence. Only the claim(s) that are reviewed will be listed with the product name on the DRP website if it is approved.

Can more than one product in the same category have the seal?
Yes, the review by Dermatology Review Panel is not exclusive to any product. If a product meets our standards, it has the opportunity to receive the seal.

Will products that are not approved be made public?
No as there is confidentiality agreement in place that prevents us from disclosing products that do not receive the seal. In some cases you may also want to request another review and submit additional or new data.

What do we need to do to continue using the seal after the 3 year licensing period?
If there is no change to the product, a Product submission Form needs to be submitted indicating in all the relevant areas that no change has occurred and the form signed by a senior medical person from your company. A processing fee will apply.